things I am

I am a philosopher of mathematics. I hold a master degree in Philosophy from the University of Padua, Italy, and a PhD in Philosophy of Language from the University of Eastern Piedmont

Currently I am an associate professor in logic and philosophy of science at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan. I am also an associate investigator at the Cogito Research Centre in Philosophy, a member of the promoting committee of the Italian Network for the Philosophy of Mathematics FilMat, and a member of CRESA.

I have an Erdös number of 4 (Paul Erdös -> Robert Bonnet -> Mirna Dz̆amonja -> Marco Panza -> me).

In May 2022, I visited the Philosophy Department of Northwestern University (IL) and the Philosophy Department of Kansas State University.

In January 2016, I visited the Philosophy Department at Bilkent University.

In January 2015, I visited the Philosophy Department* at UC Davis, USA.

In August 2013, I visited the Philosophy Department at the Ohio State University, USA.

In 2012, I was a visiting post-doctoral researcher at the PPP project at the University of Oslo, Norway, and a visiting researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, London, UK.

In 2011, I was a post-doctoral fellow in Philosophy at the University San Raffaele, Milan, Italy.

Before then, I was a British Academy post-doctoral visiting fellow at the Philosophy Department of the University of Bristol.

During my PhD, I visited the University of Oxford (UK), the Institute Jean Nicod, Paris (France), and the Philosophy Department of the Ohio State University (USA).

ORCID: 0000-0001-9814-1431

* and the Death Star